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About us

www.shoppingkungfu.com is a place to serve kung fu friends from all over the world. We supply kung fu products to foreign friends since the year 2009. We are located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province of China. Here is the location of the famous Shaolin Temple.

Henan Province is an amazing place in China. We are in the center of mainland China. Chinese history started from here and it is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Every year thousands of chinese people come here from all over the world to seek their root. Their ancestors lived on this land thousands or hundreds of years ago. Here we have White Horse Temple which is the first Buddhism Temple in China, we have Shaolin Temple which is the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, and we have many famous cities which were capital cities of China thousands or hundreds of years ago such as Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Anyang, Kaifeng. The founder of Taoism Culture Laozi was born here, the Chen Style Tai Chi Quan was born here, Shaolin Kung fu was born here. We are not good at high technology in this modern society, but we are professional at Chinese kung fu and culture.

Looking back of all those years, we feel so grateful to know so many kung fu friends from all over the world. Some of you visit us everytime you come to visit Shaolin. Some masters became our friends when they were still shaolin students on the Song Mountian. We love kung fu and how amazing and wonderful it is to explore the beauty and wisdom of it together with so many friends from every corner of the world!

Dear kung fu friends, please enjoy your shopping with us without any worries. Honesty and responsibility is another thing that we are good at. Thank you again so much for everything.
Sincerely yours,